Il Club

The story

The Club was founded in 1964 by a group of boating and sailing enthusiasts with the intention of promoting competitive sailing, which until then had not been developed in any way in Cagliari.

The small group organized the first sailing regattas to be held on the waters of Poetto and the harbour and, as time went on, they acquired the basic essential equipment necessary in order to develop further.

During the first few years, the Club concentrated mainly on regional sailing regattas for the Flying Junior, Flying Dutchman, Ponant and "S" classes. Later on, during the 70's, the 420 and 470 classes were added along with sailboards.

Today the Yacht Club Cagliari is indeed the Sardinian leading Club both in the regattas organization and in the number of competitions won by its crews through the years.

The reason for this is to be found both in the capacity of the management staff and in the ideal conditions of the Poetto sea, regarded by many specialists as a really optimal stage for any kind of regatta, offering rare advantages: the wind, always present and strong, a natural position sheltered from rough weather conditions, an average depth of about 30/35 mt. facilitating any possible change of course during the races.

Having now greater experience and better equipment, the Club applied to the F.I.V. (Italian Sailing Federation) and obtained permission to host their first national regattas.

In the meantime the Club's own crews were increasingly competing in regattas in mainland Italy and abroad. Finally in the 1980's the Club was able to prove its organizing abilities when it hosted the Flying Dutchman World Championship.

The hard work carried out by the managing staff was amply rewarded in 1981-82, when the Yacht Club Cagliari gained the top place in the F.I.V. for the number and quality of competitions won by its crewsAs time went on, the Yacht Club Cagliari has intensified more and more its sport activities both in the Sailing School and in the organization of important sailing events.

In 1995 the Yacht Club Cagliari received an important prize: it was in the top ten of a special classification of the best Yacht Club of Italy, drawn up by the Yacht Digest review.