Il Club

Club house

The Yacht Club Cagliari is situated in the Marina Piccola port, very close to the beautiful Poetto beach and 5 km. far from the centre of the city.

Marina Piccola Port is situated in the "Golfo degli Angeli" (lat.39deg.12'N - long.09deg10'E), in the east side of "Capo S.Elia". In the west there is the white Poetto beach.

The beach is several kilometres long, from the port up to red margin (Quartu S.Elena). In front of the beach there is the Molentargius pool, where it's possible to see rare kinds of acquatic birds, like flamingos and ardea cinerea.

There are also two restaurants (Dal Corsaro, Yacht Club Cagliari), a pizzeria and an ice-cream shop.

In Marina Piccola port there are two nautic clubs, Yacht Club Cagliari and L.N.I. Cagliari, while the Windsurfing Club Cagliari is at the beginning of the beach